Ruth Harris (formerly Dixon)

photo: Ruth Harris A Director at E-ngage Development since 2005, Ruth has been an Internet Consultant since 2002. Consultancy projects have included reviewing and evaluating internet safety initiatives for the European Commission, authorship of the EC Safer Internet Programme Assessment Report on the status of online safety education in schools across Europe, chairing the EC Safer Internet Forum, and presenting at the World Internet Governance Forum 2009 on children’s and young people’s participative use of the web.

Ruth was also Advisory Services Manager at Childnet International with responsibility for advising a wide range of clients on online content and contact issues; these included governments, the corporate sector, industry associations and non-profit organisations.

Between 1996 and 2002 Ruth was Deputy Chief Executive and Hotline Manager at the Internet Watch Foundation, which is the self-regulation body for the UK internet industry. Key achievements included authorship of the Chatwise Streetwise Report in 2001 which was a catalyst for the formation of the Home Office Task Force for Child Safety on the Internet, of which she was a founding member. Ruth was also a member of the UK delegation to the Government/Private Sector High Level Meeting on High Tech Crime in Tokyo.

Ruth was also President of the INHOPE Association between 1999 and 2001 which exists to co-ordinate the work of hotline initiatives across Europe and beyond. It now has 44 members from 38 countries around the world.