What we do?

Communications technology provides unrivalled opportunities for people to collaborate and learn, that uniquely extend to those who may not traditionally input to schools and places of learning, but for whom the Internet offers opportunities to do so.

E-ngage offers training and support those looking to create new partnerships in education and training.

E-ngage Development specialises in using new interactive technology to give real access to experts from whom young people can learn, but where the opportunity to meet face to face is not readily available.

E-ngage develops tailored made solutions to meet the needs of community agencies to make a positive contribution to the education of children and others.

The E-ngage Team have been involved in developing and running all the following projects and many more;

  • Superhighway Patrol
  • Ask the Police
  • Net-Detectives
  • Starz Detectives
  • Cybersmart Detectives
  • Alert
  • Talkingshop
  • Echo99
  • Global Classroom
  • KAP (knife awareness programme) Live